I apologize if you have come onto the site after seeing and add in living etc. There has been a mix up and the add has come out a month early. please look back in a couple of weeks.

We have been very busy trying to get the site live and hopefully in a couple of weeks we will finally be there. All the new  tables have been designed by Tim , Tudor and Nick in house and built by us and our collaborators here in the West Midlands and only available to buy on the site. To Begin with we will be making them bespoke to order so expect an initial delay but we hope to build up to small batch production with immediate delivery so please bear with us .

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Alternative sizes colours and materials are not a problem ! so get creative

West Hampstead cupboards and bench.

We have recently completed some kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living area cupboards for LBMV architects, who have done a lovely job converting this West Hampstead house.

We built and fitted a long floating bench with LED lighting running into a cupboard with mitred corner that stepped up into the living room cupboards which housed a bespoke AV cabinet and other storage amenities. Along with wardrobes in the  master bathroom was dark elm open shelving units that integrated seamlessly around the marble vanity unit.



Back again!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last blog!

We often spend most of our time doing the urgent stuff and not enough time doing the important things.

As I keep getting told, keeping an up to date blog is important if you are running a business! So here I am again making an effort to do the important stuff.

We have been busy making and installing kitchens & cupboards on some great projects. It has been hard to find the time to push forward with the tables, which have become a bit of a white elephant over the last couple of years, with lack of time being devoted to it.

I have now made it not only important but urgent too, so expect to see some new stuff to come through soon.



Welcome to my blog


I have just returned from my annual pilgrimage to Milan to see the latest in furniture design . This year four halls at the salon de mobile were devoted to kitchens which  was great as last year it was lighting .

Highlights and design trends in kitchens 

Hob extraction  integral to the hob as shown by Bora 

I have not used this hob but am installing a kitchen at the moment with a Gaggenau hob and separate electric lift up extraction which ,although is fabulous has proved very involved and requires quite a bit of additioal worktop depth. (pictures coming later of this set up ). so this looks like an attractive , simpler solution- subject to the performance of the induction hob. The extraction  worked very well as shown on their stand

Induction hobs

Induction hobs are now gaining more and more ground over gas hobs:  check out the youtube videos showing how they perform against gas such as this one

Featured in the show was  induction hobs with invisible controls . With even invisible scales and a sink that lowered and raised. I loved the shaped top but maybe a gadget to far !

2016-04-15 18.47.00 HDR

New Smeg Products

Smeg , after many years in the wilderness have produced a lovely  D&G fridge designed fridge which will brighten up any kitchen  and a nice looking oven which is also available in  in black .


IMG_4105                       IMG_3954                                                                                     IMG_4107




A feature I  liked was ovens seated on worktops or at least appearing to be   . I think this worked well and here are a few examples



I saw lots and lots of open shelving with a lot featuring  glass doors. They looked great with the  manufactures’ artistic displays, but how will they look with all our kitchen stuff inside them ? Certainly great for the those who want to get artistic inside the cupboards.



There was a big showing of Crittall type windows and doors : they were shown as room dividers; walls; pantries- in fact  where ever they could fit them in !

I also saw a lot of shelving behind and on the worktop, with very cleaver well- engineered storage. It is however,  rarely practical to bring the worktop out another 200 or so mm  and loose valuable floor space. 




There were lots of marble worktops with lovely marble sinks, many of  which were given a sort of butlers sink- type makeover. They protruded from the worktop made of the same material. They were often higher and incorporated  integral drainers. I loved these ,but again, marble is not a practical choice for kitchen worktops and especially sinks  as it is porous and will come with no guarantees of  longevity


IMG_4244IMG_4115IMG_41142016-04-17 16.53.56-22016-04-17 16.53.52

There was a lot of rustic oak everywhere ,which I really like.and have just used a lot of this timber on a project for myself  which will be shown on the Domus web soon.


2016-04-14 15.12.35

I want these knives
2016-04-16 15.28.28


Tables and other highlights 

bouroullec2016-04-15 14.13.08

The  stand-out designers for me, most years, are the Bouroullec brothers (who created the cast glass tables above and coat stand shown above) and Patricia Urguiola. This year I also liked the work of Konstantin Grcic, who did some nice tables in cast iron below.                                                                                                                                                       201604191302346184KG2016041913023759892016-04-15 14.14.55

I liked Russel pinch’s table in cast Jesmonite with a lovely hand painted finish

2016-04-16 11.50.47








2016-04-15 15.08.18

Attractive glass table


Domus Furniture

If you have been inspired by any of the products or designs from the show , contact Domus Furniture to discuss how we could bring these ideas and more into your new kitchen project. we cover  London, Worcestershire and the surrounding areas and you can see examples of our work at